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Obama Delays Trip to Copenhagen by One Week (International Herald Tribune)

The White House said Friday that President Obama was delaying his appearance in Copenhagen at the international summit on climate change by a week so he could be there at the same time as other world leaders.

Obama’s stylish aide is under withering scrutiny (AP via Yahoo! News)

She arrived in Washington with more of a splash than any White House social secretary before her, and no wonder: Desiree Rogers had obvious style, wealth, a Harvard MBA, years of corporate experience, and friends at the top, most importantly Barack and Michelle Obama.

AP source: Obama shifting date of Copenhagen visit (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama on Friday abruptly altered the timing of his upcoming appearance at an international climate summit in Copenhagen, hoping to capitalize on steps by India and China and build a more meaningful political accord, a White House official told The Associated Press.

Comment: Obama faces Afghan battle on home front (CNN)

Barack Obama was viewed as the anti-war candidate for the White House and then won the Nobel Peace Prize as president. Now he’ll triple the size of the American force in Afghanistan that he inherited less than a year ago.

Obama to discuss jobs, economy in Pennsylvania (AP via Yahoo! News)

On the heels of his White House jobs summit, President Barack Obama travels to Pennsylvania to promote his ideas for the economy and job creation.

Obama calls for new ideas for creating jobs (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama promised at a White House jobs forum on Thursday to take “every responsible step to accelerate job creation,” including some ideas he said could be put into action quickly. He cited an expanded program to help make more U.S

Obama bemoans desperation of people out of work (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama says a jobs forum he hosted at the White House generated many useful ideas for jump-starting job creation, some of which can be put into action “immediately” by his administration.

Obama open to every good idea to stop job losses (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama kicked off a White House jobs forum on Thursday by saying he’s “open to every demonstrably good idea” to reverse the worst job losses in decades. But Obama said the government’s resources are limited and that growth ultimately must come from the private sector.

Obama rejoining economic debate with jobs summit (AP via Yahoo! News)

Under pressure from Republicans and an impatient public to fix the sputtering economic recovery, President Barack Obama is refocusing on this politically potent issue by talking job creation with business and labor leaders at the White House.

Obama to welcome Lebanon’s president (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama will welcome Lebanon’s President Michel Sleiman to Washington later this month, the White House has said.