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The Puzzlemania » The Most Addicting Games on the Planet

When it came to addicting video games , many of my gamer friends voted for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (for the GameCube) and WarioWare: Smooth Moves (for the Wii ). The guys in the crowd were partial to the Burnout Series and the Gran Turismo series (for the Playstation ).

Long-running 'Family Feud,' host O'Hurley get lift from changes …

Other changes include a set makeover and video profiles of the competing families, intended to make viewers feel more invested in the contestants, according to the show. A new Wii version of the game was just released

PAX Panel Attempts To Define “Gamer”, Sparks Casual Controversy …

Real-Life Chess ?

Is Video Gaming a Threat to America's High School Jock Culture …

But don’t worry, the Nintendo Wii is certainly out to combat this! Apathy? I’m fairly sure that gamers find video games interesting. And seeing as there’s no lack of gamers out there (I’m betting that this ‘jock culture’ of yours is the minority), …..

Procter & Gamble adds to its sports marketing game with major …

EA Sports exceeds those expectations with “Madden NFL 10″ ($59.99; Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; in stores Friday), and the 21-year-old franchise has delivered its most striking, realistic-looking football video game yet. Advertisers pledge to self-police standards … and it’s legal in 39 states.

Poker players eyeing World Series of Poker main event finding …

… and it’s legal in 39 states

5 brainstorming Chess games to test your intelligence

February 16th, 2009 With recession hitting the world economy, video games continue its record sales. The video game market is thriving with blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto IV, and popular ones like the Nintendo Wii . ..

Top 5 Chess Games

September 14th, 2009 Startup lets you play console video games remotelySAN FRANCISCO — As any a video game aficionado knows, it’s easy to pop a game into your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and spend hours working your way from one level to the next. …. Chess – This app lets you have a game of c..

Justin Wong wins national SFIV tourney, Daigo remains world champ

I would say video games aren’t a sport if chess , NASCAR, bowling, pool, F-1 Racing, Poker , etc weren’t sports either.

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In the end, every Xbox 360 produced under the original standards may be affected, if not directly, then because of the high demand for xbox 360 download websites. It’s easy to see why – gamers can save a lot of money this way and can try …