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AP Interview: Karzai praises Obama’s deadline (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Hamid Karzai put a brave face Thursday on President Barack Obama’s decision to start pulling out troops in mid-2011, telling The Associated Press in his first public response that it will push Afghans to take control of their own destiny.

Obama calls for new ideas for creating jobs (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama promised at a White House jobs forum on Thursday to take “every responsible step to accelerate job creation,” including some ideas he said could be put into action quickly. He cited an expanded program to help make more U.S

Obama open to every good idea to stop job losses (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama kicked off a White House jobs forum on Thursday by saying he’s “open to every demonstrably good idea” to reverse the worst job losses in decades. But Obama said the government’s resources are limited and that growth ultimately must come from the private sector.

Congress worries about Obama’s plan for Pakistan (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama’s planned troop buildup in Afghanistan came in for more skepticism on Capitol Hill Thursday with lawmakers zeroing in on how the U.S. will deal with terrorist havens in neighboring Pakistan.

US Senators press Obama on climate plans (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US Senators urged President Barack Obama on Thursday to push for global action to fight climate change but warned that developing nations must shoulder a large part of the burden.

How to spur job growth? Obama will ask the experts (McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo! News)

WASHINGTON — The nation’s 10.2 percent unemployment rate gets renewed attention this week as President Barack Obama hosts a jobs summit on Thursday, a day before the Labor Department reports new job numbers that are unlikely to show significant improvement.

Obama and GOP differ over recipe for jobs, economy (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama and a top House Republican acknowledged in holiday messages Thursday the economic struggles facing Americans this Thanksgiving but offered starkly different recipes for relief.

Senate confirms long-stalled Obama judicial pick (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The Democratic-led U.S. Senate, having smashed through a Republican wall of opposition, confirmed on Thursday U.S. President Barack Obama’s first and longest-stalled judicial nominee.

New president role makes Europe ’stronger partner’: Obama (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama welcomed the appointment of the EU’s first president Thursday, saying it would make Europe an “even stronger partner” for the United States.

Obama says US, allies discussing Iran sanctions (AP via Yahoo! News)

Showing impatience with Iranian foot-dragging, President Barack Obama said Thursday that the U.S. and its allies are discussing possible new penalties against Iran for defying international attempts to halt its contested nuclear program.