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US troops hopeful Obama plan will wind down war (AP via Yahoo! News)

U.S. service members in Afghanistan said Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s decision to send 30,000 more troops offered hope that they can go home — if the reinforcements can build up the Afghan army to protect civilians against the Taliban.

Obama’s commander says now has tools for Afghan war (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The top U.S.

Obama faces tough sell with Afghan troop plan (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama’s national security team heads to Congress on Wednesday to sell lawmakers on his dramatic escalation of the Afghan war, which his field commander said gives him the resources he needs.

Obama’s focus on withdrawal could jeopardize Afghan mission (McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo! News)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s effort Tuesday night to reassure Democrats who oppose the deployment of another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and to emphasize a U.S. exit strategy to pressure Afghan President Hamid Karzai to reform his corruption-riddled government could backfire.

Obama ‘realism’ faces Afghan test (Politico via Yahoo! News)

As President Barack Obama prepares to make the case for sending more troops to Afghanistan, some allies are urging him to return to a line of argument little heard since the Bush years: the United States has a moral obligation to protect the Afghan people, particularly women, from the Taliban.

Obama to unveil his Afghan plan Tuesday (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama will announce his new Afghan strategy in an address to the nation Tuesday from the prestigious West Point military academy, the White House said.

Obama: Goal is to finish job in Afghanistan (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama says his intention is to “finish the job” in Afghanistan but that the Afghan people “ultimately have to provide for their own security.”

Obama ‘Very Close’ to Afghan Decision, Urges Public Patience (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama said he is “very close” to deciding on a new course for the war in Afghanistan that will set clear benchmarks for the Afghan government and a strategy to end U.S

Obama’s hesitancy on war buildup sends messages (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama’s drawn-out decision-making on Afghanistan is sending messages. To the Afghan government: Clean up your act.

Official: Obama wants revised Afghan war options (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama won’t accept any of the Afghanistan war options before him without changes, a senior administration official said, as concerns soar over the ability of the Afghan government to secure its own country one day.