Strip poker is a slightly edited version of the regular poker many of us are accustomed to. In a normal game of poker you lose the chips you have bet when you lose a hand but in strip poker your losing hand requires that you remove an article of clothing.

In the beginning.

It is the general consensus that strip poker was first played some time around the nineteenth century in New Orleans, but there have been some different ideas put forward as to who started the trend. Some people claim that the game started in brothels and others claim that it was in fact made up by some boys participating in mischievous pranks. The British decided to title strip poker games consisting of both male and female players as “mixed strip poker” to allow players to differentiate between the games before deciding to participate in one. The creation of strip poker was a smart move; the game combines two pastimes that many people enjoy, poker and nudity.

How it’s done.

Strip poker is played with fairly similar rules to the regular style of poker and many variants of poker have been used in strip poker games. Usually the games are played as ones with fewer betting rounds but in winter the amount of betting rounds could probably be increased and the game still be fair. Strip poker may be played with or without the inclusion of chip betting.

The appeal of the game.

Many people may wonder what it is that entices others to play such an extroverted game. There are many aspects of the game which are appealing to current and potential players. Curiosity is one of these. Some people are curious as to how other peoples bodies look and strip poker is a great way to get those questions answered, especially these days where airbrushing is such a common occurrence in print media. The game is also appealing to people who have more of an exhibitionist style personality, these people also enjoy frequenting places such as nude beaches.

Keys to playing a successful game.

Regular poker and the other variations of it such as stud and hold em are very strategic and analytic games which require alot of attention to detail and alot of mental focus. Because of how strip poker is played some players will be found at the table fully clothed, some partially clothed and some will be completely bare naked. This provides a wider likelihood of players being distracted by their surroundings and depending on the player it may make concentration on their hand a little more difficult and increase the chances of player making what could be costly mistakes.

Where are all the naked people?

Although strip poker is not the kind of poker you would expect to walk into a casino and find, the game is played in many places throughout the world. Private homes, parties, some gentlemen’s clubs and even on the internet. There are many websites on the internet today where players may play a game of strip poker which has seen a boom in online poker site memberships. Playing strip poker through and online poker site would be a good option for those who are interested but are still a little shy. Finding somewhere to play online to play strip poker is as easy as a few keystrokes and a couple of clicks making it simple for players worldwide to be united.