The game of Caribbean stud poker is yet another member of the immense poker family. A cruise liner sailing the Caribbean is credited as being the first place where this poker variant was played and this would make sense given the games name. But its exact origin is still a topic for debate with no definitive proof of its origin and many other versions of this games history are floating around.

It’s popularity

Caribbean stud received an immense surge in its growth because of the similarities the game has with the well known and much favoured 5 card stud poker and became a standard casino poker game being easily found in the majority of North American casinos. Most casinos lure potential players with the incentive of Caribbean stud poker progressive jackpots which may make the player hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are the victor. Many online casinos are available to play Caribbean stud as well and a large amount of these also offer tournaments and bonuses and great pay out odds.

The theories

Many people come out of the wood works and make claims that they are the games creator. Another theory is that the game in fact started in a hotel at an Aruban hotel in the Caribbean. One thing all of the claims do have in common is the Caribbean. A gentleman by the name of David Sklansky also claimed to be the creator of Caribbean stud on an online poker forum stating he created it in 1982 under the name “Casino Poker”. Mr Sklansky is a well known author and an expert on gambling.

How it’s done

The game of Caribbean stud poker is a casino version of poker which has many similarities to 5 card stud. Caribbean stud is not played against other players; your opponent is the “house”. The deceptive tactics of poker faces and bluffing are not used because no matter what you try to do the dealer will not be folding. In the game each player places their ante and once the dealer has announced “no more bets” all players and the dealer are dealt 5 face down cards. The dealer will reveal one of his or her own cards and after this has taken place the players will then be permitted to inspect their cards. Conversation is no permitted at the table. The player now makes a decision whether to fold or bet based on the quality of their cards and the cards they suspect the dealer of possessing. You are more likely to beat the dealer when you have a pair so it’s advised that you raise if you have got a pair. A traditional poker hand is used as the basis to determine who the winner is.

Want to know more?

The World Wide Web has hundreds of online poker resources that can help guide people through playing Caribbean stud poker. The inexperienced player could lose heavily and not know why when playing at a quick fire type of table which is why much practice and studying of the game should be done first.