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Obama sets new Afghan strategy (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama on Monday was prepared to announce he will deploy about 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan as part of a new strategy that will stress a U.S.

Obama War Speech to Outline Costs, Limits for U.S. (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama will tell the public tomorrow how the U.S.

Obama sets new Afghan strategy, briefs allies (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama briefed key allies on his new strategy for the Afghanistan war on Monday and officials said his plan is expected to include about 30,000 more U.S. troops and an exit timeframe.

Obama informs top diplomatic, military officials of Afghan decision (CNN)

President Obama has informed several top diplomatic and military officials about his decision regarding new U.S.

Obama orders Afghan strategy into force (AFP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama has already ordered his new Afghan strategy into force, the White House said Monday, as the US leader informed world leaders of a plan expected to include a huge troop surge.

Obama facing tough selling job on Afghan policy (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama is preparing to announce a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan on Tuesday, including the addition of thousands more American forces, a clarification of the mission and a path toward disengagement.

Obama faces risk of a wartime presidency (CNN)

President Obama is taking a huge step in his presidency.

Obama welcomes Australian prime minister (AP via Yahoo! News)

The White House says Afghanistan and climate change will top President Barack Obama’s agenda when he meets with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Australian PM to meet Obama for talks (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visits the White House Monday for talks with US President Barack Obama set to be dominated by climate change and the conflict in Afghanistan.

Google, Disney chiefs due at Obama jobs summit (CNN Money)

Executives from Google and Walt Disney will join other company chiefs, academics, labor leaders and mayors at President Obama’s jobs summit this week, the White House said Sunday.