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Obama to plead US case at global warming summit (AP via Yahoo! News)

Putting his prestige on the line, President Barack Obama will personally commit the U.S. to a goal of substantially cutting greenhouse gases at next month’s Copenhagen climate summit, insisting America is ready to tackle global warming despite intense disagreement in Congress.

Obama expects support for more Afghanistan troops (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama will announce his plan to bolster the war in Afghanistan in a speech Tuesday night from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, his spokesman said, a surge that military officials say could top 30,000 troops.

Obama offers U.S. climate cut (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The United States unveiled a plan to cut greenhouse gases by 2020 on Wednesday and said President Barack Obama will attend U.N.

Obama to announce Afghanistan troop strategy Tuesday (CNN)

President Obama will announce the U.S. troop strategy for Afghanistan in a speech at 8 p.m.

Obama to head to Copenhagen with climate pledge (AFP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama will head to next month’s Copenhagen climate summit to offer the first US plan to cut carbon emissions, officials said Wednesday, reviving hopes the closely watched meeting will succeed.

Obama to attend climate-change summit (CNN)

President Obama will go to Copenhagen, Denmark, next month for a climate-change summit, the White House said Wednesday.

Obama to outline US climate goals at Copenhagen (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama will commit the United States to a goal of substantial cuts in greenhouse gas pollution over the next decade when he travels to a widely anticipated climate conference in Copenhagen next month.