Archives for November 13, 2009

Obama Aide Dunn Renews Fox Critique, Hails Stewart’s Journalism (Bloomberg via Yahoo! News)

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — Anita Dunn, President Barack Obama’s outgoing communications director, renewed her attacks against Fox News as she praised the “investigative journalism” of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and said MSNBC was not a biased cable news network.

Obama urged to raise rights in China (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Families and supporters of activists jailed in China are hoping that US President Barack Obama will fight for their freedom next week in Beijing, but many fear they will be disappointed.

Obama vows to deepen ties at start of Asia tour (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Barack Obama insisted that the United States was a “Pacific” power and vowed to deepen its engagement in the region as he started his first Asian tour as US president.

Obama eyes domestic spending freeze (AP via Yahoo! News)

The Obama administration has alerted domestic agencies to plan for a freeze or even a 5 percent cut in their budgets, part of an election-year push to rein in record deficits that threaten the economy and Democrats’ political prospects next fall.

Obama in Asia: Setting a newly cooperative tone (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama is emphasizing cooperation on his first major trip to Asia, opening with a warning to North Korea that there will be tough, unified action by the U.S. and its Asian partners if the Koreans fail to abandon their nuclear weapons programs.

Obama administration faults Senate bank bill (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The Obama administration on Friday pushed back against a proposal in the U.S. Senate to create a single bank super-regulator and strip the Federal Reserve of its supervisory powers.

Obama says base issue must be solved quickly (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama says the U.S. and Japan will work quickly to resolve a dispute over American military bases on Okinawa.

Obama joins Hatoyama in call for change (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama is joining the Japanese leader in saying the long-standing U.S.-Japanese relationship needs to adapt to the needs of the 21st century.

Obama launches Asia tour in Japan (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Barack Obama set foot in Asia for the first time as US president Friday, arriving in Japan to launch a four-nation tour designed to shore up US power in a region increasingly dominated by rising giant China.

In Tokyo, Obama Seeks to Improve Relations (International Herald Tribune)

President Obama began his one-week tour of Asia with an effort to resuscitate flagging relations with Japan.