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Young voters who helped elect Obama stayed home (AP via Yahoo! News)

Last year, 23-year-old Rashida Hill watched the presidential debates, visited the college political party meetings and put a Barack Obama bumper sticker on her townhouse door. She voted for Obama because she felt like the election was about “being a part of something.”

Obama offers schools money for backing initiatives (AP via Yahoo! News)

Pushing for a link between student test scores and teacher pay, President Barack Obama on Wednesday dangled $5 billion in federal grants to states willing to undertake a top-to-bottom overhaul of their schools in support of the White House’s priorities.

Obama turns to policy (Politico via Yahoo! News)

MADISON, Wisc. – Faced with fresh Democratic setbacks on the one-year anniversary of his historical election, President Barack Obama tried to change the topic.

Obama’s half brother says father abusive (CNN)

In a new book, the half brother of President Obama claims the father they shared was often drunk and physically abusive.

President Obama: One Year After Winning it All (Rasmussen Reports via Yahoo! News)

One year ago today, Senator Barack Obama became President-elect Obama. He and his team had run nearly a flawless campaign and were about to embark on what turned out to be a nearly flawless transition effort

Obama notes anniversary of Iran embassy takeover (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama late Tuesday noted the 30th anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, while insisting he wants the U.S. and Iran to move beyond the “path of sustained suspicion, mistrust and confrontation” that followed the subsequent hostage crisis.

Analysis: Elections not a referendum on Obama (CNN)

Victories in New Jersey and Virginia Tuesday provided a major shot in the arm for the Republican Party heading into the 2010 elections, but the Democratic losses of these two governorships should not be interpreted as a significant blow to President Obama.

Obama notes hostage crisis as rallies expected in Iran (CNN)

As marchers gathered on the streets of Tehran on Wednesday, the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover, U.S

Obama’s half brother recalls their abusive father (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama’s half brother has broken his media silence to discuss his new novel — the semi-autobiographical story of an abusive parent patterned on their late father, the mostly absent figure Obama wrote about in his own memoir.

GOP wins Va. gov race a year after Obama won state (AP via Yahoo! News)

Republican Bob McDonnell tapped Virginia’s independent voters Tuesday to win a landslide election for governor just a year after the state bucked tradition and voted for Barack Obama.