Archives for October 29, 2009

Obama "too big to fail" plan blasted in Congress (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The Obama administration’s new proposal for tackling financial risk in the U.S. economy, unveiled just two days ago, came under attack on Thursday from Congress and regulators, with questions raised about its funding and scope.

Obama review of Afghan war strategy at end stages (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

U.S. military chiefs plan to present recommendations on troop strength and strategy in Afghanistan to President Barack Obama on Friday as White House deliberations reach an end stage, Pentagon officials said.

Obama pushes healthcare to business lobby critics (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama broadened his pitch for healthcare reform on Thursday with an appeal to business leaders, some of whom have criticized his efforts to overhaul the multibillion-dollar industry.

Will governors elections render judgment on Obama? (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

Republicans and Democrats are debating whether voting next Tuesday in Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races will render a first judgment on President Barack Obama.

Obama honors fallen Americans at Dover (AP via Yahoo! News)

Standing in the pre-dawn darkness, President Barack Obama saw the real cost of the war in Afghanistan: The Americans who return in flag-covered cases while much of the nation sleeps in peace.

Obama visits Dover AFB to honor fallen soldiers (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama made a midnight dash to this air base Wednesday to honor the return of fallen soldiers, absorbing the ultimate cost of war as the United States endures its deadliest month of the Afghanistan campaign.

Obama considering scaled-down Afghan war plan (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama is considering a scaled-down version of the war plan advanced by his top Afghanistan commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S

Obama honors 1st African-American elected to US Senate (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama paid tribute on Wednesday to fellow political trailblazer Edward Brooke, who in 1966 became the first African-American elected to the Senate by popular vote.

Obama hails expansion of hate crimes legislation (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed and celebrated hate crime legislation that extends protection to people based on sexual orientation, sealing a long-fought victory to gay advocates. The president spoke of a nation becoming a place where “we’re all free to live and love as we see fit.”

Obama to meet business lobby critics Thursday (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama will hold talks on Thursday with officials of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a powerful business lobby that has sparred with him on issues from taxes and climate change to healthcare.