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Obama sets new policy to nudge Sudan toward peace (AP via Yahoo! News)

The Obama administration, after months of fierce internal debate, outlined a new approach Monday to settling the conflicts in Sudan, asserting a moral obligation to end “a vast sea of human misery” and a need to prevent the African nation from serving as a haven for terrorists.

Michelle Obama to appear Friday on `Jay Leno Show’ (AP via Yahoo! News)

First lady Michelle Obama is going to be serving up answers on “The Jay Leno Show.”

‘Wild Things’ at the White House: Obama (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama raved about the smash hit new movie “Where the Wild Things Are” and the wizardry of Harry Potter after surprising local schoolkids in their lunch hour on Monday.

Sudan sees ‘positives’ in Obama approach (AFP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama’s new policy on Sudan contains positives and is one of engagement, Khartoum said on Monday, despite a US description of events in Darfur as genocide.

Obama spends time with students in Maryland (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama made an visit to a Maryland school to congratulate the students and teachers on their hard work.

Behind the scenes in Obama’s war council debate (CNN)

There’s an air of mystery hanging over President Obama’s war council, which meets in secrecy yet again this week to discuss a new strategy for Afghanistan in the highly secure White House Situation Room.

Obama unveils new Sudan strategy (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday unveiled a new strategy toward Sudan, offering incentives if the Khartoum government worked toward peace, but said it faced tougher steps if it failed to act.

Obama to offer incentives to Sudanese government (AP via Yahoo! News)

President Barack Obama said Monday that the U.S.

Obama offers Sudan a carrot and a stick (McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo! News)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Monday announced a carrot-and-stick strategy to try to stop the killing in Sudan, offering incentives for better behavior from the government and threatening tighter sanctions for continued oppression.

Obama offers Sudan incentives to end ‘genocide’ (AFP via Yahoo! News)

US President Barack Obama unveiled a new policy on Sudan Monday and warned Khartoum of more US pressure if it failed to respond to his fresh incentives to stop “genocide” and “abuses” in Darfur.